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COVID-19 Protocol and Illness Policy

    Harmful Substances Policy

    Medical Forms

    If your child requires medication during the school day, you must provide written/signed authorization. Medications will be stored in the school nurse's office unless a self-carry authorization for rescue medications has been approved by a physician. All medications must be delivered by the parent/legal guardian to the school nurse in the original container/packaging labeled with the student’s name and appropriate forms indicated below. No medications are to be stored in lunch boxes, lockers, backpacks, or purses. No sharing of medications between students. No essential oils, herbal remedies, or vitamins are allowed without a doctor’s note.

    To contact the Elementary or High School Nurses:

    Elementary (PK3-6th) - Kristen Pruitt, APRN (

    High School (7th-12th) - Tiffany Tolbert, APRN (