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7 to 12 Grade

Secondary Curriculum Overview: 7th - 12th Grades

At Lincoln Christian Secondary School, our goal is to provide students with an excellent education while assisting parents in the important work of raising children who love Jesus. We partner with families to train the next generation of Christian leaders and believe that training happens through the Know, Grow, Discover, Go Discipleship Pathway.

Each teacher and staff member at LCS takes relational learning seriously, meaning that the relationships fostered at school are our priority. Academic instruction comes from caring faculty who want each student to see authentic connections between God and the content being taught. This is why Knowing God is the first step to true education. Meeting the real Jesus then includes the personal provision to Grow in Freedom from the pressures, anxieties, and comparisons that often affect students.

Seventh through twelfth grades are designed to unite Lincoln Christian School’s mission, vision, and philosophy with biblically sound curriculum immersed with activities that motivate and challenge students, preparing students for their next step after high school. We utilize a variety of curricula to maximize the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social development of each student to help them Discover their Purpose and be ready to Go Make a Difference in the lives of others.


Seventh through twelfth grade Bible courses are taught by pastors from Church on the Move. Each pastor takes a personal interest in every student, making time for one-on-one conversations all throughout the year. The curriculum is focused on a knowledge of God’s Word and application for young adults.


Math courses in the seventh grade through high school focus on algebraic concepts with an increased rigor and pace each year. Students use a combination of both digital and print text to complete assignments and assessments. Students may take an on-level or accelerated track, which are vertically aligned to build upon previous mastery, so that students are fully prepared for their next level. Math faculty pays careful attention to ensure that content in all courses is aligned to both state and national standards.


The Language Arts curriculum is a unique blend of digital and print content to provide students with lessons in literature and writing. Teachers conduct in-depth lessons from classic literature as well as shorter selections from comparison texts in which students are active participants. In addition, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary are taught throughout the scope and sequence. During students’ junior year, they have additional options to pursue AP English or concurrent Comp 1 and 2 from Oral Roberts University.


Lincoln Christian School offers a variety of science courses: Life Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, Physics, and AP options. (See Course Offering Guide for course sequence options and details.) Students learn the fundamentals of science while integrating a Biblical Worldview from Scripture. All science courses incorporate hands-on learning through experiments and labs while also providing a rich exposure to scientific text. All academic science concepts are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and ACT Aspire Standards.

History/ Social Studies:

The LCS history curriculum focuses on a narrative approach to history, asking thought-provoking questions and making real-life applications, helping students to view the world as God sees it; therefore, each course focuses not only on academic content, but godly wisdom about the past history and current social environment in which they live. Areas of study include in-depth chronology of American and World History, American Government and Economics. During students’ junior year, they have the option to take AP US History, US History, World History, or a concurrent history course from Oral Roberts University.


The electives options at the secondary level are specifically designed to allow students to go from exposure to a more targeted focus on what they really desire to pursue based on the goal of developing their purpose. In seventh grade, students rotate each nine weeks among different courses, while students in eighth through twelfth grades may choose semester-long or year-long options. (See Course Offerings Guide for the full list of Elective Courses available.)

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