STEAMM Lab wall


Lincoln Christian School is proud to be the first private school in Oklahoma to have a Creative Learning Systems Smart Lab. LCS calls it the STEAMM Lab. STEAMM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Ministry. The lab offers something for every learner. Students have an opportunity to discover and explore their interests through the engaging curriculum. The remarkable projects available through over 330 modules are unlike anything students have encountered. As students move throughout the lab, they encounter new challenges requiring them to inquire, explain, solve, create, and share their successes with classmates. As students work on a project, they consider the ways their project fits into the world and how they might use their gift to make an impact in fulfilling God’s call on their life. The lab is a hands-on, creative environment providing students the opportunity to use technology, including a 3-D printer and CNC machine. Students gain practice with coding, robotics, app development, photoshop, circuitry, and many other programs and tools. There is a place for everyone in the STEAMM lab.