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Digital Media

The Lincoln Christian High School media department is excited to help students use their imagination to create and develop works of art. Through many different avenues of media, students will have the opportunities to learn the basics behind photography, videography, graphic design, and so much more. With this basic knowledge, students can explore the endless possibilities that media has to offer.

MULTIMEDIA 1 Overview:

This year-long course will build on the fundamentals of the STEAMM experience. Students will use their creativity and skills to create and edit interactive multimedia presentations, digital images, sounds, and movies, and will be introduced to animation and web pages. The knowledge and skills acquired in this class will enable students to successfully perform and interact in today’s technology-driven society. Students will continue to build their digital portfolio, complete independent projects, and construct the slideshow used at LCS graduation. Additionally, some projects may be used on the LCS social media outlets, websites, and vignettes.


In this year-long course, students learn how to plan, create, and edit video for use in The Bulldog Nation, building the LCS athletic awards season highlight video, and several other media-related events throughout the year. Students will be responsible for all aspects of the production of these activities. This course is completely hands-on and will give students a taste of working in the real world as a Media Specialist.