Discover LCS

Lincoln Christian School is a partnership between parents and the church - the only two institutions ordained by God to teach children. In order for students to thrive without distraction, we emphasize good communication between teachers and parents, mutual respect, and skillful conflict resolution. Our goal is to raise the next generation of Christian leaders so that our heritage may be passed on to future generations. Lincoln Christian School’s philosophy is stated in three priorities: godly character, academic excellence, and extracurricular activity. We are determined to keep our priorities in that order... period.

Founding Pastor, Willie George

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise the next generation of Christian leaders through Godly character, academic excellence, and extracurricular activities.

Our Vision

Provide students with an education that will give them equitable academic and co-curricular opportunities upon graduation. Preparing the next generation of Christ-centered leaders and citizens.

Our Values

We are committed to helping students develop a faith of their own amidst social and cultural pressure. We are committed to a vibrant partnership with parents by providing them with resources, support, and community to aid the growth and development of their children. We encourage growth in God-given talents through co-curricular contributions.

Our Leadership

Lincoln Christian School is governed by the Pastor, Executive Board, and School Board of Church On The Move.

The Lincoln Christian School Board is:

Lead Pastor: Whit George

Superintendent: Darren Melton

Chief Operating Officer: Brian Jobe

Executive Pastor of Multisite: Aaron Davis

Next Gen Pastor: Greg Scott

Our Colors

The colors of Lincoln Christian School are crimson, gold, and black, each holding a special significance.

CRIMSON is the color of sacrifice and Christ’s redemptive blood, and it denotes the school’s basis in the Christian faith.

GOLD represents character, and at LCS we place godly character at the top of our priorities.

BLACK is the color of moral absolutes, and it reminds us to not compromise our faith or standards.

Our Mascot

As the school’s mascot, the BULLDOG symbolizes character traits that we value – perseverance and tenacity.