Tuition & Fees

For the 2023-2024 School Year

LCS salaries and operating costs are funded by tuition. Tuition covers teachers’ salaries and school expenses. Even though tuition only covers part of LCS’s costs, LCS attempts to keep tuition at a reasonable level in order to make LCS available to the greatest number of families. Please note, tuition is payment for services rendered; it is not an offering. LCS asks that parents give careful consideration to their financial obligations to LCS before enrolling their children.

Tuition fees are payable directly to Lincoln Christian School either in full by August 1st or by monthly payments over a ten-month period beginning August 1st through May 1st. Families that select the payment-in-full option will receive a $100.00 discount per student on their tuition. To qualify for this discount, payment must be made by August 1.


Application Fee$27.00Per student
Enrollment Fee$100.00

No multiple-child discounts. Used for student insurance, standardized tests, student ID badge, accreditation fee, lab and activity fee, and miscellaneous materials.

Curriculum FeeSee below.No multiple-child discounts.
Facilities Fee$1250 or $1500If applicable. See the Facilities Fee section below.

Curriculum Fee By Grade (per student, no multi-child discounts)

High School$4259th-12th
Middle School$4257th-8th
Elementary School$3501st-6th

Chromebook and Technology Fee By Grade (per student, no multi-child discounts)

All grades 1st-12th$200




  • PK3 2 Day Tu,Th $2710
  • PK3 3 Day M,W,F $4065
  • PK3 5 Day $6775
  • Pre-K 3 Day Tu,Wed,Th $4065
  • Pre-K 5 Day: $6775
  • The tuition for a Pre-K and PK3 “First Student” is listed above. If multiple students are enrolled, the student who is in Pre-K and PK3 will receive the appropriate multiple-child discount based on the Kindergarten tuition rate. No multiple-child discount is offered for the 3-day and 2-day programs.

Multiple-child Discounts

The first and oldest student’s tuition will be at full cost. Younger siblings' rates will be the following percentage off of their tuition cost:

  • Child 2: 10%
  • Child 3: 20%
  • Child 4+: 30%

Tuition does NOT include the following:

  • Specific athletic, activity, and after school activity/club fees
  • Fine Arts fees
  • AP Test fees (all students enrolled in AP Courses must test)
  • Dual Enrollment fees for students enrolling in ORU Courses
  • Before and/or After School Extended Care Program
  • School Uniforms/Clothes
  • Lunch/Snacks

Facilities Fee

Tuition at LCS does not cover the cost of buildings, maintenance or any of the costs of Church on the Move including any of its services, programs, or administrative costs. Church on the Move tithers and financial supporters support the substantial expenses of building, maintenance and upkeep of the LCS facilities. Non-COTM families bear their portion through Facilities Fees.

A Facilities Fee of $1250 per student will be required from families that do not attend Church on the Move and entered Lincoln Christian School in 2017 or earlier. The fee for families entering in 2018 or after is $1500 per student. This fee is adjusted for 3 day and 2 day programs. The facilities fee is waived for the parents or guardians of an LCS student(s) who consistently attend scheduled worship services at Church on the Move and have contributed at least the tithe (10%) of their income to COTM on a regular basis (i.e. weekly/bi-weekly/monthly). Records are verified twice a year in June and December and indications of no church attendance may affect enrollment status.