Kindergarten to 4th Grade

At Lincoln Christian Elementary School, our goal is to provide students with an excellent education while assisting parents in the important work of raising children who love Jesus. We partner with families to train the next generation of Christian leaders and believe that training happens through the Know, Grow, Discover, Go Discipleship Pathway.

Each teacher and staff member at LCS takes relational learning seriously, meaning that the relationships fostered at school are our priority. Academic instruction comes from caring faculty who want each student to see authentic connections between God and the content being taught. This is why Knowing God is the first step to true education. Meeting the real Jesus then includes the personal provision to Grow in Freedom from the pressures, anxieties, and comparisons that often affect students.

Kindergarten through 4th grade is designed to unite Lincoln Christian School’s mission, vision, and philosophy with biblically sound curriculum immersed with activities that motivate children. We utilize a variety of curricula to maximize the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social development of each student, helping them Discover their Purpose and Go Make a Difference in their world!


Students begin each day with Bible class, where they not only grow in knowledge and application of God’s Word, but also develop their own personal relationship with the real Jesus. The Bible curriculum builds from year to year, developing students’ biblical worldview through the teaching of basic truths. Teachers prioritize relational discipleship, seeking to know students, know their struggles, and in turn, point them to God’s Word and His love toward them. Students continue to develop an authentic faith while emphasizing wise choices, healthy relationships, and Godly identities.


Mathematics focuses on understanding mathematical concepts using manipulatives and hands-on activities. Math instruction in the elementary is facilitated by the new research-based My Math curriculum (McGraw-Hill Publishers). This is a dynamic program, aligned to both state and national standards, which allows students to get excited about math through problem-based interactive learning followed by visual learning strategies.

Language Arts

Reading and writing instruction takes place with the Workshop Model in all grades, K-4. Students are provided with small group instruction where they focus on reading and writing skills, differentiating the skills as needed for each student. Spelling, Phonics, Vocabulary, and Grammar instruction are embedded in the curriculum to provide students with a solid foundation of all Language Arts, helping them become fluent readers and proficient writers. These primary grades also make time for isolated instruction in penmanship. The focus of reading in Kindergarten through second grades is “Learning to Read” while grades three through four help students build skills in order to “Read to Learn”. Students in first through fourth grades also enjoy selecting their own “just right” texts through the Accelerated Reader (AR program).

Social Studies

All LCS history curriculum focuses on a narrative approach to history, asking thought-provoking questions and making real-life applications, helping students to view the world as God sees it; therefore, each course focuses not only on academic content, but godly wisdom about the past history and current social environment in which they live. Areas of study in grades K-4 include Communities, American History, Symbols and Famous Americans, Regions, and Geography. Third grade emphasizes Oklahoma History.


The focus of science in grades K-4 is to help students develop scientific literacy from a biblical worldview. Students learn from engaging hands-on activities and real-world applications. All science courses include lessons with a STEM focus, combining Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Students will alternate between two nine weeks of science and two nine weeks of Social Studies.

Explore Rotation/Specials and Physical Education

Students are given instruction in art, music, Spanish, physical education, and computer skills (2nd-6th only). Elementary Art explores a variety of media designed to allow all students to express themselves creatively. In Music, students identify rhythms, tempo and musical markings to read music. Movement, singing and praise and worship are also a focus throughout the year. Elementary Spanish class offers students a basic introduction to the Spanish language. Students in Technology classes focus on touch-typing skills, basic computer coding, and using Google Apps for Education. Physical Education is held daily, encouraging a life habit of regular physical exercise.

Elementary Staff

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