Honor Agreement

  • I will faithfully attend and participate in scheduled services at Church on the Move or a similar Bible-believing church and agree to support the COTM Statement of Faith as it is applied to instruction throughout the curriculum.
  • I will pursue the discovery of my God-given gifts and talents, work to develop those fully, and devote them to a lifetime of learning, serving, and honoring God.
  • I will strive to observe and grow in the following expectations and tenets of behavior in-person, on and off-campus, through social-media and every other form of communication and relationship.
    1. Respect People
      1. My relationship with myself and others will be based on the principles of Christ’s love. I will work purposefully to develop and remain in good relational standing with my parents, fellow students, teachers, coaches, mentors, and others while showing care and concern in my speech and actions. I will speak truthfully, honestly, and will conduct myself in a manner worthy to be followed. I will respect the beliefs and opinions of others and will not seek to degrade or bully. When disagreements arise with others or if I become alienated from others, I will seek restoration and right standing. I will:
    2. Respect Property
      1. I will value the development, use, and maintenance of all property and possessions.
    3. Preserve and protect the intention, environment, and culture of LCS.
      1. Collaboration, personal investment, and ownership lead to personal growth. Spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth are cornerstones of the intention, environment, and culture of LCS.
  • I agree to devote my efforts toward sexual purity, as defined biblically, in my actions, conduct, speech, habits, viewing, and interactions with others.
  • I agree to refrain from consuming/using, possessing or providing harmful substances including but not limited to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarette/vaping devices and materials.
  • I will not violate any OSSAA rules that prohibit recruiting or influencing for athletic purposes and understand that violation of these rules will result in immediate dismissal from LCS.
  • I will fulfill my student contracts in all athletic and non-athletic extracurricular activities and understand that failure to honor these commitments may result in immediate dismissal.
  • I agree to diligently uphold this Agreement for the full twelve months of the year, at school, at school activities, and outside of school.