7th Grade


Students in 7th grade enter the secondary building and begin to identify their gifts and talents through their Explore rotation. Students rotate every nine weeks through the following courses:

  1. Instrumental/Vocal Music
  2. Arts/Theater
  3. Keyboarding/Reading
  4. STEAMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, Ministry)

In addition to their Explore rotation, students take English, Life Science, World Studies, Bible, Math 7 or Math 7 Advanced and are all active through Athletics or PE.

7th Grade Curriculum List:

Bible: Summit Ministries Curriculum 2019 (Lightbearers)

English: Study Sync, McGraw-Hill Publishers 2017

Writers’ Choice, Glencoe Publishing

Math: enVision Math, Pearson Publishers 2018

Science: Interactive Science, Pearson Publishers 2013 (Life Science)

History: World Studies, Bob Jones University Press 2019

STEAMM Smart Lab: Creative Learning Systems 2019 (CLS)

Explore Reading: Newsela Instructional Reading (digital platform)