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New Family Referral Incentive

The New Family Referral Incentive program awards a referring Lincoln Christian School family with a $200 tuition credit for each new family that is referred to, and actually enrolls in, and attends Lincoln Christian School.

We're searching for students and families who are looking for more! Families who identify with our Founding Principles are often discovered by existing LCS Families who have embraced and shared our mission and vision.

Who is eligible/ineligible to participate?

The referral program is for parents or guardians who are paying tuition for enrolled students (Pre-K through grade 12) attending Lincoln Christian School at the time.

Referred students must be accepted and enrolled at the beginning of a semester for the referring family to receive their credit. (If a referred student begins mid-semester, the referral award credit will occur during the second semester of enrollment.)

  • Families who pay monthly payments will receive credit to their Facts account.
  • Families who pay their tuition in full before the school year begins will receive a credit to their miscellaneous, lunch, or BASC accounts. Athletic and/or activity participation fees would not be included.

Rules and Regulations

  • It is your responsibility to submit a completed New Family Referral Form to Lincoln Christian School for each new family you refer before the new family formally completes enrollment. Failure to submit a completed Referral Reward Program form will make the referring family ineligible for the reward. No exceptions will be made to this requirement. Referrals may not be made retroactively. Please complete the form below.
  • Incentive reward consideration is limited to the referral of brand new families enrolling students in LCS and does not apply to students returning (previous LCS attendee), or advancing to another LCS building, nor families who have previously had students at LCS.
  • The new family must enroll a full-time, 5-day PreK-12 student at Lincoln Christian School.
  • Regular enrollment criteria must be met. The final decision for family acceptance rests with the recommendation from the school admissions committee.
  • If a new student begins attending school after the academic year has begun, the tuition credit awarded to the referring family will be prorated based on the student’s first day of attendance.
  • There is no limit to the number of families that you may refer; however, the total tuition credits received may not exceed your tuition in a given school year.
  • Reward account credits for families who have paid tuition in full and withdrawn from Lincoln during the school year will not be issued the balance in the form of cash/check nor will they be transferable.
  • The referring family may answer questions of a general nature in reference to LCS as a whole. Statements may not be made that violate any OSSAA rules that prohibit recruiting or influencing for athletic purposes. Accordingly, it is not permitted to recruit a student to select, apply, and enroll at Lincoln Christian, or to encourage or allow others to do so on its behalf, based on that student's skill, reputation, or experience in athletics. It is understood that any violation of these rules will result in immediate dismissal from LCS. Questions of any specific nature regarding athletics should be directed to LCS Administration.
  • LCS retains the right to reevaluate, revise, or cancel this program at any time.

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