Instrumental Music


Band and Intro to Band are available to interested students. Intro to Band will prepare students to play in a more advanced group, which will cover a wide range of music, including Praise and Worship Music, Jazz, and Pep Band material.

Students will work on rehearsal etiquette and chart reading while performing at a higher level in the different styles of music and in building confidence in performing. Additional focus will be in music appreciation, studying different artists and bands along with backgrounds from different decades. The band will enter competitions, including those that are state qualifiers. The band will also spend time observing rehearsals at COTM while participating behind the scenes.

Introduction to Guitar:

Guitar class provides students with the opportunity to learn a variety of styles for performing and practicing the guitar. Students will be instructed in the areas of composition, reading standard, and guitar notation, scales, chords, and different genres.

Intro to Piano:

This semester course is for students who have never had formal piano lessons. It focuses on basic music theory and piano playing skills, which include Hanon warm-ups, simple scales, and chord structure, Students will have the skills needed to continue playing (if they choose) once this class has ended.

Advanced Piano:

Praise and Worship:

Students who wish to lead worship through singing and/or instruments are encouraged to enroll in Praise and Worship Class. The goal of this class is for students to grow musically and spiritually to prepare them to serve in a Praise and Worship setting in and outside of school. These students weekly lead a before-school worship time at Lincoln.