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Athletics Code Of Conduct

This code of conduct applies to all sports and extracurricular activities associated with LCS.

LCS Athletics and Activities values sportsmanship, fair play, skill development, and mutual respect among all players, coaches, officials, and spectators. The following conduct requirements are intended to advance these values in a manner consistent with the LCS Partners in Education Agreement, LCS’s mission, Honor Code, Statement of Faith, and the Christian gospel.

Parents and spectators should maintain control over their emotions and treat all players, coaches, officials, volunteer and paid staff, parents, and spectators fairly and with respect. Therefore, parents and spectators are expected to conduct themselves as follows:

  1. Toward LCS students: Encourage all players to the limit of their ability. Cheer for your child and the entire team in a positive, supportive manner, even when your student isn’t playing. Place the emotional and physical well-being of the players ahead of any personal desire to win.
  2. Toward LCS coaches and staff: Encourage students and players to respect the decisions of LCS coaches and staff. Do not question their roster decisions or play calls to other parents or to your own child. Never treat any LCS coach or staff member in a hostile manner or with aggressive, disrespectful, profane, or intimidating language, gestures, or posture.
  3. Toward opposing players: Do not cheer against opponents, call out opposing players, or make any statements encouraging harm to any player. Demonstrate appropriate gestures of sportsmanship at the conclusion of a game, win or lose.
  4. Toward opposing coaches and staff: Do not yell at opposing coaches, staff, or fans from the sidelines, and never treat any opposing coach, staff member, or fan in a hostile manner or with aggressive, disrespectful, profane, or intimidating language, gestures, or posture.
  5. Toward officials: Respect the rules of the game, and abide by the decisions of officials. Refrain from conversing with them in a negative or distracting manner or questioning their decisions. Never address them in a loud, disrespectful, or abusive manner.

Coaches, staff, and officials have the authority to issue verbal warnings and/or eject any player, parent, or spectator from any game or match if the player, parent, or spectator violates this Code of Conduct. Any individual who LCS determines in its discretion has violated this Code of Conduct shall be subject to sanctions as determined by LCS. Sanctions may include, suspension of the student from participation, prohibition of the parent from attendance, or suspension or expulsion of the student from LCS. There will be no activity fee refunds as a result of any disciplinary action by LCS.