8th Grade


Entering 8th grade, students have had the opportunity to explore many of the extra-curricular options offered at LCS. It is at this grade level that students begin to have elective options and can choose introductory semester electives or even take some full semester electives. Students begin preparing for their next step of high school, and students have the option of taking some courses for high-school credit.

8th Grade Curriculum List:

Bible: Summit Ministries Curriculum 2019 (Lightbearers)

English: Study Sync, McGraw-Hill Publishers 2017

Writers’ Choice, Glencoe Publishing

Wordly Wise 3000, Educators Publishing Service

Math: enVision Math, Pearson Publishers 2018

Science: Interactive Science, Pearson Publishers 2013 (Physical Science)

History: American Republic, Bob Jones University Press 2019

STEAMM Smart Lab: Creative Learning Systems 2019 (CLS)

8th Grade Teachers