Dress Guidelines 22-23

At LCS, we encourage parental direction and support since the burden of supervision rests with the parents. The dress code is a set of guidelines, to which parents are called to support and students are called to adhere. However, the final decision about the appropriateness of clothing or appearance for school rests with the administration - regardless of whether it is specifically addressed in the dress code. It is the school’s desire to be as consistent as possible in the enforcement of the school dress code. However, it should be noted that the guidelines do not change because a student was not cited when wearing inappropriate school attire.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Our basic principles regarding clothing and appearance revolve around pursuing Godly Character, Cleanliness, Modesty, Practicality, Neatness, and Safety. We seek to provide a safe setting free from disruptions and distractions. We want students’ appearance to be a background feature and not a cause for attention. Attire and appearance should meet these standards at LCS and LCS events.

  • Hats, hoods, and sunglasses are not permitted inside the buildings during the academic day unless approved.
  • Clothing with political messages or insignias from other primary or secondary schools is not permissible.
  • Undergarments should be covered.
  • Hair should be neatly groomed and of natural color.

LOWER BODYWEAR: Must be sized to fit appropriately and worn securely at the waist.

  • Solid, one-color pants, jeans, joggers, or shorts are permitted. Cargo pants/shorts as well as sweatpants are not permitted.
  • Girls may wear solid one-color or LCS plaid uniform skirts.
  • Elementary (PK3-6 grade) girls may also wear skorts or jumpers. Elementary (PK3-4th grade) girls may wear a solid one-color dress and must be no shorter than mid-thigh. Shorts are required under skirts, jumpers, and dresses.
  • Length: Shorts, skirts, skorts, or jumpers must be no shorter than mid-thigh.
  • Fashion slits, tears, or holes are allowed as long as they are at or below the knee. Frays are permissible.
  • Solid one-color jeggings or leggings of appropriate coverage (i.e., no holes or mesh above the knee) are allowed
    • to be worn underneath a skirt, skort, or jumper but cannot be worn as pants during the academic school day. The skirt, skort, or jumper must meet the required length, even when the student is wearing leggings/jeggings.

UPPER BODYWEAR: Upper body wear must be sized to fit appropriately, not be excessively tight, and meet the basic principles listed above.

  • During the academic day, tops (Polo, Oxford, T-Shirt, 1/4 Zip, Hoodie, Jacket, Sweatshirt, Cardigan, Sweater) must be opaque with modest necklines and have sleeves.
  • No bare stomachs or uncovered midriffs.
  • Sleeveless shirts & tank tops are allowed for athletics and after-school activities provided they fit neatly around the underarm and have straps wide enough to cover any undergarments.


  • Shoes should be worn at all times. Open-toed, Heely, and light-up shoes of any sort are not permitted.
  • Elementary students PK3-6th grade must wear tennis shoes for daily PE class.


    • Yoga pants, leggings, or jeggings may be worn to after-school events only when worn with tops that extend past a closed fist when arms are extended to the side and encircle the front and back while standing or moving.
    • Athletic style shorts not meeting normal dress code length may be worn to after-school events only. They must be appropriately sized to fit the individual. When standing straight with arms extended straight down the side and making a fist, the short length must extend past the fist and be longer in the front and back. Shorts must be visible below the shirt. All other short styles must be fingertip length or longer. Skirts or dresses must meet normal dress guidelines and be at least mid-thigh.


On the last day of every week, we encourage our community to participate in SPIRIT DAY by wearing LCS spirit wear.