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Godly Character

Life’s tough decisions are made so much easier when we are led by a guiding philosophy. Decisions are best made by establishing priorities during training – not waiting until the pressures of that may be encountered.

At Lincoln Christian School, godly character is number one. We are not an outreach or rehabilitation program for students with character problems. Our mission is to partner with parents who are developing strong character in their children. We truly believe it is more important for kids to value Christ-like character than anything else. This is reinforced in every subject, not just in Bible class or chapel. Our teachers and staff model a lifestyle of fellowship with God, and as a result, the students’ understanding of that lifestyle grows. The Word of God is taught and the application of God’s Word in daily living is stressed. Students also learn who they are in Christ, allowing them to develop their individual gifts and talents. By developing those gifts, students are equipped to pursue the calling that is on their lives, whether it is in ministry, business, homemaking, or any other service.