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3YO to Pre-K

Lincoln Christian School offers a 2-day, 3-day, and 5-day option in our Three-Year-Old class and a 3-day (M, W, F) and 5-day option in our Pre-K.

For many, the Preschool program at Lincoln Christian School is the first experience in an educational environment where they begin to build social skills through work and play that will serve them forever. Spiritually, the main emphasis for students in the LCS Preschool program is teaching the principles of authentic faith, specifically that Jesus cares for each of us. Educationally, the emphasis is learning social interaction, following procedures, and being responsible for their own belongings and needs, along with letter and number recognition and pre-reading skills. We accomplish this through the daily use of individual instruction as well as small group learning. All preschool educational standards are fully aligned with the Oklahoma State Department of Education Family Guide for Preschool.


Preschool is when we begin teaching the principles of the Know, Grow, Discover, Go Discipleship Pathway. We begin to Know God by teaching and emphasizing authentic faith by learning how Jesus cares for each of us and the greatness of God. Through the LCS Preschool program, our goal is to help students and parents Grow in Freedom from the anxieties that can accompany the transition to a school environment. The powerful combination of Knowing God, Growing in Freedom and applying our educational philosophy sets conditions for new school-aged families to begin to Discover Purpose and GO Make a Difference in the lives of those around them! Both the 3YO and PK programs use different Bible story books to convey the Life of Jesus and introduce children to a Biblical Worldview.


Mathematics focuses on the use of manipulatives and hands-on activities and introducing the very basic skills needed to enter kindergarten, such as number recognition, counting, estimating, patterning, and one-to-one correspondence. Students participate in both whole group activities and center-based activities.


Since exposure to literature and associated activities are predictors of later reading success, students are taught with read-alouds, hands-on materials, songs, games and self-exploration. We encourage parents to discuss each day’s events with their child. Examples might be retelling stories, reading other books within the theme, or playing school with their child.


Preschool instruction in writing comes from the research-based curriculum, Handwriting Without Tears. Within this program, letters are not taught in alphabetical order. Instead, letters and numbers are taught in shape order, meaning the ones using straight lines are taught before ones with more difficult curved shapes. Students will be exposed to ABC order but not taught the letters in that order. This program offers practice using many different manipulative tools.

Explore/Specials and Physical Education

Pre-Kindergarten students are also given instruction in art, music, Spanish, and physical education. Elementary Art explores a variety of media designed to allow all students to express themselves creatively. In Music, movement, singing and praise and worship are a focus throughout the year. Spanish class offers students a basic introduction to the Spanish language.

Physical Education is held daily for 3YO and Pre-K and offers a variety of activities and games. The focus is on developing a student’s understanding of the need for physical fitness while encouraging a life habit of regular physical exercise.

Preschool Staff


Cupps Ashley

Danielle Cupps

Preschool Teacher
Maggie Edwards

Maggie Edwards

Preschool Aide
Carol Foster

Carol Foster

Preschool Aide



Kimberly Fullingim

Preschool Teacher
Kristie Moore 2

Kristie Moore

Preschool Teacher
Wheeler Wendy

Wendy Wheeler

Preschool Teacher
Marsh Joanna

Joanna Marsh

Preschool Aide
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Tammy Martocci

Preschool Aide

Michelle McGivern

Preschool Aide