How does LCSO work?

ACADEMICS: After enrolling, each student will be contacted by the LCSO Administrator to complete an individualized course schedule that best meets the student’s learning goals. High School students will also meet with an LCSO Academic Advisor to assist with specific college and career goals. Once courses are selected, students will begin their online instruction with their teachers. All teachers will be specialized in one specific content area to provide quality instruction. In some classes, students may meet virtually with other classmates, while others may provide more one-on-one instruction. Different teachers will have different levels of live and video instruction. In all cases, teachers will have regular office hours when they can be contacted directly for specific questions or individualized instruction. Flexible enrollment means that students will not need to stay on the same lessons as their classmates and may progress at their own pace.

7th & 8th Grade Courses: Bible, English, Math, Science, History, and 2 semester electives per year

9th -12th Grade Courses: 26 high school credits needed for LCSO graduation: 4 Bible, 4 English, 3 Science, 3 History, 3 Math, electives (See LCSO Graduation Requirements for specifics.)

RELATIONAL DISCIPLESHIP: With every course, there is a real connection between a live teacher and the student. Teachers are available to instruct and assist with the curriculum, but also help equip every student for his or her next step. This includes help with planning, managing project deadlines, balancing assignments, but above all, it means helping students navigate the ever-changing preteen and teen years as a Christ follower. Our LCSO administrator is available for parents to help connect them to their child’s learning and school community no matter how far away they may live.