Q: Is there a COTM/LCS Staff discount?

A: Yes! There is a Staff Discount of 10% per student.

Q: Is there a multiple child discount?

A: Yes! When more than one child from a family is enrolled, a family discount is given. The first child is full tuition, with a 10% discount for the first sibling and a 20% discount for second and greater siblings. These discounts are only available to family accounts that are in good standing.

Q: Is there a New Family Referral incentive?

A: Yes! The New Family Referral Incentive program awards a referring Lincoln Christian School Online family with a $200 tuition credit for each new family that is referred to, actually enrolls in and attends Lincoln Christian School, Lincoln Christian School Hybrid, or Lincoln Christian School Online.

Q: Can LCSO students attend field trips, sporting events, and on campus LCS activities?

A: No. LCSO is a 100% online school; according to OSSAA regulations, all extracurricular sports and activities must be outside of the organization. LCSO students and families are always welcome and encouraged to attend LCS events and activities that are open to outside guests.

Q: Is there a Scholarship Fund available?

A: No. At this time, the Opportunity Scholarship Fund is not applicable to LCSO.

Q: Can LCS traditional students take LCSO courses for an extra fee?

A: No. Blended education between LCS and LCSO is not available at this time.

Q: Does the Partners in Transformation Agreement apply to LCSO Families?

A: Yes! For more information on the Partners Agreement, click here.

Q: Can students with learning challenges or gifted students receive curriculum modifications?

A: Yes, limited. Some accommodations and modifications can be made to the curriculum and pacing. Please plan to discuss all needs during the enrollment planning meeting with the Ignitia Curriculum Coordinator and LCSO Administrator.

Q: Are LCSO families able to participate in Grade Group activities?

A: Yes! Your Administrator will communicate Grade Group activity regularly.

Q: Is LCSO accredited?

A: Yes! LCSO is dually accredited though Cognia (formerly known as AdvanCED) and ICAA (International Christian Accrediting Association).

Q: Will I receive a high school diploma from LCSO?

A: For all students who meet LCSO’s graduation requirements, LCSO offers a fully accredited high school diploma.

Q: Who may I call with questions?

A: For enrollment questions, please call our Sherry Donnelly in our LCS Enrollment Center: 918-828-9200 or email For general questions about your child’s educational experience at LCSO or curriculum, please contact our LCSO Administrator, Jennifer Wilson: