2018-19 LCS Yearbooks

January 11, 2019

The Lincoln Christian School yearbook staff would like to inform you about the 2018-19 Yearbooks. We’re excited to offer 2 yearbooks again this year! One will be an “all-inclusive” Lincoln Secondary School Yearbook featuring individual class pictures for grades Pre-K through 12th grades. The remainder of the book will highlight 7th-12th grade academics, sports and student life. The cost of this yearbook is $45.

The second offering will be a Lincoln Elementary Yearbook. This is a soft-cover book our team will create exclusively for our Pre-K through 6th grade families. The book will include elementary individual pictures, elementary class pictures, elementary classroom activities, elementary sports and elementary student life. *Individual elementary student pictures will still be included in our all-inclusive Secondary School Yearbook. The cost of this elementary yearbook is $30.

The deadline to order either yearbook is May 3, 2019. Both yearbooks will be delivered to your home in July/August of 2019. The cost of the yearbooks includes shipping charges. Please make sure you enter your correct shipping address at the time of purchase to ensure prompt delivery. To order, please follow these Josten’s links:

Click here for the “all-inclusive” Lincoln Secondary School Yearbook

Click here for the Lincoln Elementary Yearbook

Thank You!

LCS Yearbook Staff

Questions: Please e-mail Advisor, Kellie Hubbard at khubbard@lincolnchristianschool.com