Schedule Your Priorities

October 29, 2019

I heard a podcast recently that reminded me of a common leadership principle. We should schedule in what is most important. This principle ties into families as well.

Do you feel like your family is pulled from one place to another, without a breath between each event? Are you living the life and spending the quality time you desire, with the people you love the most? Or do you find yourself too exhausted at the end of the day or week to do what you really want with your family?

Consider Parkinson’s Law, “Work (activity) expands so as to fill the time available for its completion (the space).” Let’s read that again in another way...Our work and activities will expand, so as to fill the time (calendar space) available for its completion. In essence, our “to-do’s“ will always make room and sometimes we miss out on the very things that mean the most to us.

As Mr. Pepin recently shared about the elementary memorizing the confessions on “love”; this demonstrates making something priority. We’ve scheduled this into the school year, classroom procedures, the culture. We value kids and staff committing God’s Word to memory, so we’ve scheduled it in.

What’s missing from your schedule? I challenge you to pick one thing and schedule it in. I mean it! Get your calendar out and put it down! You’ll never regret scheduling it in; and keeping to the appointment you made.

~Mrs. Montgomery

Elementary 3YO-4 Building Principal