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How does LCSH work?

Lincoln Christian School Hybrid blends a Christ-centered educational approach and the relational discipleship components of Lincoln Christian School with the home school experience. This is a mix of home school where parents are the actual teachers of our selected curriculum and classroom time and an educational facilitator supplements the educational process. Students will attend the Lincoln campus twice a week and are then home for class with parents the rest of the week.

Lincoln Christian School Hybrid will arrange the curriculum and help with pacing while at home as you work with your children on corresponding daily and weekly lessons and pre-planned school work. We believe students, Kindergarten through 6th grades, will thrive in an environment where a strong partnership between parents and the Christian school exists. Parents teach and implement schoolwork at home, print based for K, 1st/2nd grades while 3rd-6th grades are digitally based, and we work hand in hand with you in facilitating and supporting the educational process with you and your children.