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Benefits of LCSH

  • 2 full days of in-class instruction per week, with 3 full days at-home instruction
  • Complete lesson plans and curriculum provided for parents to teach during at-home instruction
  • Access to the full resources of Lincoln Christian School: Hybrid
  • Parents synchronize at-home instruction with classroom facilitation to enjoy the best of both worlds: an at-home, parent-driven education with the educational experience and resources of a private school
  • Families have Indian Nations Youth Sports participation opportunities through Lincoln
  • Biblical instruction and biblical worldview integration
  • Certified teachers serve as coordinators to facilitate parent-teachers with a strong emphasis in language arts, math, and Bible instruction
  • Students join their grade level class for regular chapel
  • Students are invited to join their grade level for special events throughout the week
  • Parents will receive support from an elementary teacher
  • Students will take yearly Assessment Testing with grade level class
  • Families can participate in Forum and Survey events throughout the year
  • Field Trips, Picture Days, Book Fair, Project Einstein, and more!