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School History

Lincoln Christian School began in the educational wing of Church on the Move with 68 students in K4 through 5th grade, and it quickly grew to accommodate Kindergarten through 12th grade. In 2003, LCS saw the graduation of its first senior class. Currently, enrollment is over 900 students.

School Colors

The colors of Lincoln Christian School are crimson, gold, and black, each holding a special significance.

CRIMSON is the color of sacrifice and Christ’s redemptive blood, and it denotes the school’s basis in the Christian faith.

GOLD represents character, and at LCS we place godly character at the top of our priorities.

BLACK is the color of moral absolutes, and it reminds us to not compromise our faith or standards.

School Mascot

As the school’s mascot, the BULLDOG symbolizes character traits that we value – perseverance and tenacity. *Permission needed for mark usage

School Marks

The interlocking LC is the most visible mark used by Lincoln Christian. The bold clarity of the mark speaks to who we are. *Permission needed for mark usage