Graduation Hill

Our Vision

We firmly believe that only through the discovery of one’s vision can an individual find true meaning (Proverbs 29:18). The LCS vision embraces the responsibility of providing students with an education that will give them an equitable academic opportunity with peers beyond our doors.Lincoln Christian School is known as a school that produces up-and-coming leaders and citizens that are prepared for life. Our Vision and Five-Year Plan is:

  • We are committed to introducing students to the real Jesus and helping them to develop a faith of their own amidst social and cultural pressure.
  • We develop our students spiritually through relational discipleship as we build relationships, pray for them, and identify next steps on the Know, Grow, Discover, Go discipleship path.
  • We are widely recognized as the premier PK-12 private Christian school in Oklahoma and have a positive reputation nationally.
  • We call out gifts in our students and give them opportunities to discover, develop, and deploy their gifts in our school and church.
  • We have a vibrant partnership with parents by providing them with resources, support, and community to aid the growth and development of their children.
  • We are dedicated to developing kids, not teaching subjects.
  • We have a staff team that is healthy, passionate, qualified, and equipped to do the great work we are called to.
  • We are aligned and bought-in to the COTM mission, vision, and culture.
  • Our curriculum and programs are intentionally designed to produce the highest quality education to students of all learning abilities.
  • We have a thriving athletic and activities program that gives students the opportunity to develop discipline, strive competitively, and experience the power of being on a team.
  • We compete for championships regularly and are also widely respected for our academic excellence.
  • We are stewarding our resources well to operate our budget with margin, stay competitive with our enrollment fees, and provide great care to our facility and staff.
  • We have a clear system for providing student scholarships and have the support of an effective donation platform to sustain scholarships well into the future.