Trick-or-Treat Dress Day 3YO-12


Start Time October 30, 2020 All Day
End Time October 30, 2020 All Day
Calendars Elementary Intermediate Secondary


  • Costumes must align with Christian culture
  • Costumes must be free of blood and gore and not be gothic in nature
  • Costume accessories:
    • Swords, guns, knives, etc) will not be allowed.
    • Full body, spandex-only costumes are not appropriate
    • Political costumes are not appropriate
    • Athletic shorts and sweatpants (with leggings underneath 7th-12th) are allowed as long as they are part of a costume.
    • The only face coverings allowed are the masks used for everyday protective wear.
  • If not dressed in a costume, a regular dress code must be worn.
  • We encourage you to show your school spirit by participating in the dress up day!